Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Come on Oxford..... You've got to be kidding!

Today, I got paid for a comprehensive check-up I did for a patient on December 21st, 2004. Can you believe that!?! This is a joke, right? Seeing the check almost a year later brought up some uncontrollable hysterical laughter. Let's say that I give the insurance plan a 30-day leeway. This means, Oxford, that your payment is 278 days LATE or 9 months 5 days off the mark. This doesn't account for all of your other transgressions, when your payments were 60-90-120 days late, which is unacceptable for a claim that was submitted in a timely fashion. Yes, you may counter that we didn't follow-up. But no, I guarantee my staff has been on top of you. You could at the very least have saved us another letter and have included the interest owed, according to the law, for claims that are filed on time, but paid later than 60 days after that. How did we become subject to such a system? Go ahead, call Oxford or any other insurance plan that is typically late in their payments. I challenge you to find someone coherent you can speak to on the other end of the line! Perhaps the only way is by exposing them, or dropping them all together.


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