Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The ID Theft saga continues....

On Monday I placed a post about Identity Theft, because someone apparently got their hands on my credit card over the weekend, and charged up a storm. I thought it would have been over after the requisite phone conversations with my C/C company and the credit bureaus. But, yesterday I received a mysterious package in my office. It was one of those fraudulent purchases.

My staff found the contents humuorous, as they were shoes I would never be caught dead in. Were the prepetrators trying to tell me something? One was a plaid green tennis shoe, the other pair a plastic sky blue. They were asking me if I would keep them. Well, of course not! Would you keep something that was purchased with your own money? Fine, let's all poke fun at it, but I was freaked out that someone not only got my C/C info but also my mailing address. I was wondering what else might they have taken?

Well, neither the Citibank Identity Theft/Fraud Dept. nor were very helpful. The Sherlock Holmes in me was thinking that maybe could trace the IP of address from which the order was made and nail these thieves. Well, maybe I've been watching too many movies. I'm sure these thieves are probably sophisticated enough that they would be careful about traceable IP addresses. Citibank could not give me a direct answer as to how this could have happened. Oh well, I guess the case will go unsolved. But just in case, I've filed a report with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).


Anonymous Bryan said...

What's wrong with plastic, sky-blue shoes? :)

11:05 PM EST  

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