Monday, March 26, 2007

A Visit to the Doctor's Office

What does Healing look like?

A patient asked me this recently, and I wondered.... What does healing look like anyway? If it could look like anything? And where is healing found?

We as doctors believe that we are writing prescriptions for healing left and right. By the end of any given day, we've written countless prescriptions and fulfilled another slew of refill requests. But are we really healing our patients?

What does healing look like?
Is healing a soft little teddy bear cuddled next to your sleeping child providing a comfort of softness and warmth that goes beyond words?

Is it the accentuated smile on a cancer survivor's bald face after the last round of chemotherapy (saying without words, "Here I am. I have survived!"?

Is it an angel wrapped in white garments floating in thin air with a halo of light around their head?

Is it the calm and loving touch of a mother?

Is it the warmth of the sun?

Is it a rainbow after a mid-summer night's thunderstorm?

Is it that moment when your lover apologizes for having caused you untoward pain, when the tears come forth unexpectedly, when you feel like your heart can let go?

Is it when your dog comes running to you all jovial and innocent, just wanting to slap a wet tongue kiss on your face?

Is it that moment when you can finally say I understand what is wrong with me, and now I can let it go, or at least deal with it better?

Is it in the moment of gratitude inside the exam room, when the patient thanks you for never giving up on their case, with tears running down their cheeks?

Healing is found in the hidden corners of the world. In the most unexpected places. It is in nature, as well as in humanity. Healing is everywhere to be found, if we only open our eyes and see it.


Blogger Andy said...

Speaking as someone who is on a journey, I think that healing begins after you have admitted point nine.
That is what I am suspecting now anyway. BUT!!!! I suspect that the healing process is different for everyone.
Thank you for this post, Shaman.

6:00 PM EDT  
Blogger The Independent Urologist said...

Speaking of journeys, how is your practice building journey going?
Would love to brainstorm marketing ideas with you.

5:47 PM EDT  

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