Thursday, April 19, 2007

A New Office....A lot of Work

But it's a lot of fun!

Planning a move. I'm making my list. Checking it 10,000 times. Gotta make sure nothing's missing in there. I'm getting ready for a Big move.

Yeah, I'm planning to move my office this summer. And it's been a work in progress since the Winter. Wow! Along the way, I've managed to accumulate my very own "Entourage." I was thinking today, I must be an adult now (yeah, I know I've been one for a while, but I still feel like a kid in business) -- because I now have a lawyer, an accountant, a broker, a designer, a plumber and a contractor. 3 years after launching my practice, I'm ready to bring it into what I call the heart of the city -- Midtown East. That's where all the major arteries and veins criss-cross. And I have this group of people to help make my vision reality. Sure, I could have moved in with another doctor, shared space, or taken up an old doctor's office, but I didn't want to. As the Sinatra song goes, "I did it my way!" My philosophy is integrative and holistic, and the new space will reflect this. Will it be worthwhile? Yes, I believe, not just for me, but also for my patients.

So, because of this impending move, and because of a confluence of CME hours I've been accumulating, I had temporarily disappeared from the blogosphere. Not sure how much I'll be around in the next month, either, because there's more CME a-coming. It's crunch time, as they say.

The exciting part is shedding the old, and starting with the new as I continue this wonderful experiment we call "running a medical practice." I can't wait to hear what crazy ideas the presidential candidates will have for revamping our healthcare system, because, surely, they will have to have some ideas. What? Do I hear higher reimbursements for the value of time spent by us primary care docs fine-tuning care and implementing preventative medicine measures which ultimately lower the cost of healthcare? No? Not yet? Well, I'll be waiting, until the day I decide to go concierge or boutique or whatever you want to call it -- insuranceless.


Blogger The Independent Urologist said...

Good luck in your new space. Change, though stressful, is a good thing.

9:08 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How is your practice going? Any advice for an internist working on a similar practice?

12:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck in your new space! Growth can be hard - but, usually always ends up being rewarded!

12:41 PM EDT  
Blogger Doctor S. said...

This just about marks the anniversary of when you quit writing on your blog. I've really enjoyed it in the past. Like you, I haven't always been most regular with my habits. Any chance you will start writing again? Doctor S.

4:22 PM EDT  

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